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We've gathered some of the most common questions we get as practitioners and answered them honestly.

Most common questions

What should I expect during my first appointment?

You will experience a friendly, caring and relaxed environment.  After that you will experience a one-on-one assessment with your therapist who will conduct a thorough history and physical examination.  Following this, your condition/injury will be explained to you and your questions can be answered.  Depending on the complexity of the injury, some treatment may be initiated on your initial visit and your therapist will suggest some at-home management/exercises to begin the rehabilitation process at home before your next visit.

Do I need a doctor's referral to come for treatment?

No, our services are direct access, meaning you do not need a doctor's referral.  However, some private health insurance companies do require a doctor's referral to provide reimbursement.  As every plan is different it is best to check with your insurance provider and ask if a doctor's referral is necessary.

Does my private health insurance cover treatments at the clinic?

Most extended/private health insurance plans cover a portion or all of the costs associated with our treatments, usually up to a maximum amount.  It is best to call your provider and clarify your coverage details.

Does OHIP cover any of the costs associated with treatment?

MVMT Integrative Medicine is a private clinic meaning we are not able to bill OHIP for our services.  In any case, the province of Ontario only provides OHIP-funded treatment for physiotherapy to seniors (over 65), youths (under 18), or individuals who have had a procedure in hospital that required an overnight stay. 

How should I dress for my appointment?

We suggest you wear loose-fitting clothing appropriate for the area being assessed and treated.  In addition, to conduct a thorough examination it is likely your therapist will screen the joint above and below the area of concern and need further access to those areas.  However, should you forget to bring appropriate clothing the clinic does have some laundered gym clothes to borrow.

Does MVMT Integrative Medicine direct bill private healthcare insurance companies?

There are only a few private health care insurance companies that we can bill directly and at your first visit we will likely be able to tell you if we can submit directly to your provider on your behalf.

Is your clinic wheelchair accessible?

Yes, MVMT Integrative Medicine is accessible to individuals in wheelchairs or with other mobility aids

What is the cancellation policy of the clinic?

We require 12hours of the cancellation of your appointment or else a 30$ late cancellation charge will apply.

When will I notice improvement or relief for my condition/injury?

Although each patient's diagnosis is different and your therapist will communicate a plan of care that is right for you, we do strive for results after every visit.

Does everyone you treat get better?

There are never any guarantees in the health care world, however, if the health care practitioner and the client/patient are committed to working toward common goals, most outcomes are successful.

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"Jeannette is very professional and thorough with her explanation  on her treatments. I have found her treatments aggressive but in a good way to allow me to have more flexibility with my body to play my sports and heal my pain. I would highly recommend her services to all my friends and family members."

-Peter H.

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