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Are Custom Foot Orthotics For You?

As the running season is coming in hot, we decided a good blog to release for this month would be more of a FAQ with our very own Dr. Liv Chiarelli on custom foot orthotics to know if this is the right fit for your feet.

  1. What are orthotics?

Orthotics are custom made medical insoles that are worn inside footwear, they are designed and manufactured based on an individual’s feet and footwear needs.  Orthotics help support and align the foot to improve how the foot function’s which can aid in treating a number of foot and lower limb problems.


2. Do I need to wear orthotics all of the time?

Since orthotics like eyeglasses work when they are worn it is recommended that you wear them most of the time you are on your feet.  Although some orthotics will fit best into certain shoes it is recommended that if you have pain during certain activities you choose an orthotic that will work best for that activity’s footwear.  


3. Will orthotics hurt my feet?

During the first few weeks of receiving a pair of custom orthotics you may notice certain new aches or pains, this can be completely normal.  If the discomforts you experience during the “break in” period of your new orthotics last past a few weeks adjustments may be needed.  If the adjustments needed for the orthotics are minor they can be done in clinic and usually take only a few minutes.  If there is a need for a larger adjustment to the custom orthotic it can be sent back to the lab free of charge to guarantee comfort and successs of the orthotics.


4. Are orthotics covered by my health insurance plan?

While most extended health benefit plans cover a portion of the cost of custom orthotics the specifics of the coverage will depend on each person’s individual plan details.  Most insurance plans require a prescription for coverage of the custom orthotics usually by a medical doctor.  A thorough biomechanical exam and gait analysis will be done in clinic and these results can be sent to your family doctor to help justify the need for custom orthotics.


5. How long do custom orthotics take to manufacture?

At most times of year custom orthotics take about 2-3 weeks from date of initial examination to be manufactured at the lab and received back in clinic.  When the orthotics are received back in the clinic you will then be asked to book a follow up visit to have them fit into your shoes.


6. How long do custom orthotics last?

Typically custom orthotics will last the average person 2-3years.  There are a few indicators that it might be time to replace your orthotics such as new pain or old pain returning, visible wear or damage to the orthotic, new calluses or corns developing on the feet and uneven wear on the outsole of your shoes.

To book an appointment for custom orthotic fittings, you can call (647)498-MVMT(6868) or click here! Please direct any questions about the article or other injury questions to

Dr. Liv Chiarelli


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