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The Other 5-5-5 Rule For New Moms

Thinking of getting pregnant but unsure where to start? Already pregnant and freaking out about delivery or being a new mom? Here are some tips accumulated through my experience broken down into Pre, During and Post Pregnancy.


  1. Take your prenatal vitamins before you’re even pregnant.

  2. Hydration and nutrition are important but so is sleep and relaxation.

  3. Take a vacation - even if it’s just getting out of the city and opt out of the adventurous trip for a relaxation trip to decrease stress.

  4. Look up the diff OBG and midwives in your area to decide what’s best for you and consult with your family doctor; bonus if your friends had the same OBG/midwife to recommend.

  5. Have a conversation with your partner about your future together as parents so that you’re on the same page.

During Pregnancy

  1. Make a physical copy of what you’re packing in your hospital bag and leave the list in the bag at the top (also, there is no shame in wearing adult diapers! You know what WILL suck? If you pee your pants and there’s no diaper to catch it).

  2. Incorporate MVMT into your daily life - walking is sufficient. For those who were previously very active, listen to what your body needs and don’t feel guilty if that means skipping gym day(s).

  3. Go see a Pelvic Physiotherapist - yes, before you deliver.

  4. Book your lactation consultant (LC) appointment early and start breastfeeding/pumping day of delivery if possible.

  5. Read “The baby whisperer” or if you’re not into books, look up Takingcarababies - big fan of her summary sheets. If you finish reading baby whisperer before delivery, make your own summary sheet.


  1. Your mother’s instincts will kick in the moment you deliver your baby - TRUST IT - you truly do know what’s best for your own child.

  2. Be very clear with your partner what your expectations are/what you need help with; they will also be overwhelmed.

  3. Your hydration and nutrition is important for healing and breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is hard - hard to do and hard on your body - keep pushing and if not, formula is just as beneficial (you can still give your baby skin-to-skin separately).

  4. You will not feel like yourself and that’s okay - take your time and take some time.

  5. Go see a Pelvic Physiotherapist 6-weeks post.

I'm obviously still going through the motions of being a new mom and when reading these 5-5-5 rules (moreso tips), please do keep in mind that this was drafted up through my own personal journey - that I'm still trekking - and your journey can look completely different. Remember to be kind to yourself and get the help/support when needed, either way, you will do and be a great mother!

Jeannette Quach

Certified Athletic Therapist, Registered Massage Therapist

Please direct any questions about the article or any sports/injury/motherhood questions to

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