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Your Core: What Is It & Why Is It Important

At its most simple, your core is the central part of your body. However, when health

practitioners speak about your core we are generally referring to the muscles of the abdomen,

back and pelvic floor that help move, support and stabilize your spine, trunk and pelvis.

A lack of core muscle strength increases the pressures and forces on passive structures

(ligaments, joints, discs and capsules) of the spine due to a lack of support and stabilization

when moving. We generally want our core muscles to engage first, in anticipation of

movement, to decrease the load placed on the passive structures of the spine and pelvis. Over

time if this anticipatory firing action does not happen it can lead to injury or dysfunction such as

stiffness or poor movement patterns which can lead to pain.

Whether you are currently or have previously suffered from low back pain, or you simply want

to be proactive about preventing dysfunction, core muscle training should be added to your

weekly routine. Core muscle training does not need a lot of time, equipment or even a gym

membership but the exercises should be progressive and functional while emphasizing the

deep local stabilizing muscles.

The ideal core exercises target multiple muscle groups at the same time so your pelvis, low back and abdomen have to work in harmony.

Don’t know where to start with a core strengthening routine? Don’t worry we have a Core MECH

Class coming up in February to help!

Dr. Livia Chiarelli

Doctor of Chiropractic

Please direct any questions about the article or any chiropractor questions to

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